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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update 2

(Karen posting again)

Today Ed moved from the ICU to the surgical oncology floor where he has a very nice private room at the end of a long quiet hallway. This is a huge improvement over the ICU which was subterranean and under construction. He is still pretty doped up on dilaudid for pain and not able to chat for long or really even focus on email or facebook. I am reading your replies to him in between his catnaps. He would prefer not to receive phone calls so that he can sleep.

One unexpected development came last night when I picked up a voicemail from Ed's doctor in Salem, telling him that the cultures from his ingrown toenails (please see his May 22 entry if you missed that little distraction) tested positive for MRSA which is a pretty nasty bacterium. The short story is that they put him on antibiotics and he is in isolation until they decide he is not infectious. That sounds horrendous, but it basically means that everyone in contact with him has to wear a gown and gloves. Luckily the touch pads on the iPhone and iPad work while wearing lovely purple nitrile gloves!

We expect him to be at OHSU through the week end. He thinks he can handle a few visitors starting tomorrow for very short (15 minute) visits, but you might want to check with me first to see for sure. And he promises to be more social once he gets home. He will be very tired for a while, even once he is over the immediate post surgery issues, because his body is working really hard to regrow his liver.

Thanks again for all the love. It means so much to us and is most definitely a critical part of the healing process.


fred said...

Glad you're on the road to wherever you were on the road to when you got on this road and ended up here. Full recovery is mandatory, mostly because Sonia and I have no other place to party than your house. So get with it, will you?

carolephagates said...

So glad to hear things went well. As I read backward thru some of your blog postings, I was thrilled to see that the tumors had shrunk so much. God truly hears our prayers for you. Our family, golf buddies and church are all praying for complete healing and renewed strength. We love you, Ed.

Julia said...

We're thinking about you all from here in Cincinnati, sending you our love and prayers. You are all so strong and positive throughout the roller coaster rides. Speaking of, we still want to take you to Kings Island - we're waiting for you!
Hugs and kisses,
Julia, Bill and Asher

Paul said...

Thanks for the update, Karen! Ed, hang in there! Antje and I are keeping you in our thoughts. Hopefully the MRSA precautions are due to being colonized rather than infected, meaning the bug is on the surface (like it is in a lot of people, without causing symptoms) but not causing problems internally. Anyway, we send our healing thoughts to all three of you and look forward to hearing the news that Ed is leaving the hospital very soon!

Dorothy S. said...

Whew! So glad it is over. It seemed the whole world was waiting to get a thumbs up until you were out of the OR and safe. DC was 96 yesterday with the same humidity, so I'm driving up to Syracuse today. I'll be thinking of you, Ed, concentrating on strong thoughts for your full recovery.


Anonymous said...

You are one of the more social people I know Eddie! I'll be happy to sit on the porch awhile with you as your liver grows....