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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Abdominal stuff...

So, this second time through for abdominal surgery is proving to be no more fun than the first time in 2007. Between the physical recovery aches and pains (I have no idea how many stitches are holding my liver, abdominal muscles, and skin together, but the process of knitting organ membranes, muscular tissue, nerves and skin together is not pain-free), and the recovery from the drug effects (including the anesthesia and the side effects of the pain meds - mainly stomach upset and constipation), I am never really sure what signal is trying to get through. And I have not gotten back to a regular sleep pattern yet.

So I am constantly guessing about hunger, pain (to be tolerated), pain (to be alleviated with oxycodone), urges to use the bathroom, and just tiredness. I spend a lot of time either in the recliner or in my bed, propped up with pillows and drifting from awakeness to dozing. The cats have been generally fun to watch, as they tumble and scamper throughout the house.

I felt like an update was needed, though I have little to say today. Should know a bit more tomorrow, after our consultation with the OHSU surgical team.



PN said...

Hello Ed,
As you mentioned knitting.....knit one...pearl two....I'm sure you have many pearls from all the knitting....and are achieving gemstone quality in your healing process. peace & joy & java! PN

Peter McKay said...

Hey Ed!

I enjoyed visiting with you earlier in the week!!! Thank you for being up for a visit. You are an inspiration!


Anonymous said...


I hope your recovery takes a turn toward the sublime: starting with a comfy position, deep restful sleep, and sweet dreams. All the rest will follow.