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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peace and quiet

Dear readers - apparently silence can be rather upsetting and anxiety-building for some people. I am fine, and still marching steadily along the road of physical recovery from surgical intervention number two. My incision is healing nicely, though I am in a constant state of itchiness. This, I am told, is a good thing (but the definition of good has been called into question). I am trying to get back into the work routine, and have been granted permission to work up to 20 hours a week. Still no lifting anything greater than 10 lbs... And sleeping on one's side is not yet an option.

But, I am officially back in the saddle as of this morning... 15 minutes at a modest 70rpm on my stationary bicycle setup. I am thinking that three times a week, gradually increasing my time to an hour, is the recipe for this summer' s cycle training. May be able to do a real road ride in September... I am also allowed to start my exercise class again tomorrow - but no lifting, no abdominal strain, and no twisting. I guess this means leg work (squats and stair climbing), balance, and stretching. But it will help with the creation of new muscle mass, which is the main point of my surgeon's order to eat five meals a day (which is harder to do than it may sound).

All else is good. Next surgical consult is Friday, July 1... more blogging after that.


Paul said...

Time for Nancy to start kickin' your butt again! Lucky you... :-)
Great to hear the recovery is going so well, Ed. Keep up the good work.

monica said...

Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. Looking forward to seeing you all in a week!!!

Andy said...

I was almost afraid you ran out of "hot air"... Great news again!

carolephagates said...

Some of us do, indeed, get anxious when we haven't heard from you for a few days! Sounds like you're really doing well. Work, biking, exercise class - I thought you were "sick!" Glad to hear your recovery is speeding along. Please don't overdo, but have fun getting back to "normal!" :)

Dorothy S. said...

Hearing about you, Ed, and reading your blogs. They leave me full of admiration for your discipline and courage, and compassion for all you are going through. Of course you will be on your bike on a road trip by September. You'll run down anyone who tries to stop you.

Alison said...

You are about my speed now, Ed. Let me know when you want to go for a little ride. It would be nice to have a symbolic Livestrong ride cause we didn't make it to the real event this year.