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Thursday, June 2, 2011

In the category "granted, taking things for..."

I am back in the blogging saddle, as they say, and am ready to profess some profundity. Really, I'm ready. Ummmm... So where is the creative promise - that "I'm the driver here" feeling? I guess that should not be taken for granted. OK then, Ed, enough with the cutesy. Let's go.

I have been told that there are two things (at minimum) that I must be able to do before they will consider releasing me back into our urban wilderness: pass gas, and pee. These are straightforward and automatic processes, and I take them for granted. Somewhat unbelievably, I am struggling with these simple bodily functions! And, just to complicate things a little more, I am told that I must work to remain hydrated (water and Gatorade). Input is not equalling output and that creates a problem. The solution so far has been to insert a temporary catheter every six hours. The passage of gas - which many of you can attest has not been a problem in the past - is not even on the radar screen... Once we nail the bladder issue, it's on to flatulence. :-)

My strength is good, probably in no small way due to the Salem Hospital RISE fitness exercise classes with Dave and Nancy. But the hydromorphone pain killer that I can self-administer may be masking things... (Has anyone noticed that I use ellipses a lot?)

OK - I need ro make this a short posting, since I have dozed off five times already while typing with two fingers. (But not before having three vials of blood drawn for three lab tests.. Geez..)


PN said...

Hello Ed, Glad to hear your moving forward in your recovery. Your blog reminds me that there are four phases of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Apparently, they really do "matter"... liquids and gases specifically, in all areas of life. : ) PN

Alison said...

thinking of you, Ed--sounds like a very rough patch, but now comes the mending time.

Anonymous said...

Don't despair, Ed. Passing gas and peeing aren't all that they are cracked up to be.


mark said...

Ed, how good to hear that your recovery is going well. Do let us know if you need finger-pullers -- or anything else. We're thinking of you and all send warm hugs. m, g, e & c

Ed said...

Dear Ed, you crack me up, man. It is so great to see you back on the blog. Here is a small gift of cheer for you, because we all know that the power of laughter is healing, as well as the spiritual support your many friends are sending your way. I suggest you add to your reading list. Of all the people I know, you should be reading this one. Just don't bust a stitch laughing, OK?

Lynda said...

Ode to Ed

Ed's in bed
He's being fed

He cannot pee
He cannot pass

Dear Ed
Please wet the bed

And send that cart
With one big fart!

john said...

Rainier pounders have always been my personal favorites for gas passing and peeing. Need to get the glass 18oz for total effect. Keep on keep truckin'.

Fred said...

Gas is my speciality.

Peter McKay said...

Hey Ed,

My next fart and bathroom break are for you!


Mikey said...

Goodness, your humor is certainly in tact, Ed. That's always a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Ed! So fantastic to see you back in the writing saddle! We learned from Mikey's recent stomach surgery that the cilia don't start moving things forward in your intestines after anesthesia very much - but that narcotics actually keep them sleeping too! So it's a balance between pain meds and getting things moving in the right directions.

Keep up the amazing job. Your Buffalo family is rooting for you big time.

Mike, Michelle and the kids.