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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surgery Update

(This is Ed's wife, Karen, blogging)

Ed has just come out of the operating room and is in the recovery room and doing fine. His surgeon reports that the surgery went very well. He was able to remove both tumors safely. Ed will go to the ICU for the night and then will be in the hospital through the week-end. I'm sure he will be back on the blog in a day or so. Thanks everyone for the good wishes, karma, prayers and positive energy you sent his way.



Anonymous said...

Whew is an understatement! Thanks SO much, Karen, for the update. Ed, you and Julia have been on my mind all day... My positive thoughts continue to flow your way.

kw said...


Good, great news - I'm relieved and grateful (but won't back off on the good prayers/healing energy thing). Keeping you all in my thoughts.