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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog blather

So, I am talking to my friend Danielle today, and she mentions that she is catching up on my blog, and that it is so great that I can write my way through this... and I realize that I have not written in the blogosphere for, ummm, a while. Things Must be happening, right? I mean, there's chemo and stuff - and it must be doing something, right? Ed --- are you there?

Yup, here I am. And I have been a VERY BAD blogger. After a little bit of non-blogging, people begin to text and email me directly. And being me, I respond. But then I am tired of talking about the "me" of this adventure, and have not been telling the proverbial world how things are. Well, they just are. I am mostly able to stay engaged in things, though I am quicker-to-prickly than I think I usually am. I have been able to stay with my exercise program (moderated by two excellent trainers at Salem Hospital). I can easily say that I am now stronger than I have been in many years, and have shed 10 pounds. This, I think, is an OK thing (the weight loss) because I am no longer drinking alcohol. There is a nice balance in there somewhere... as in I do not feel the least bit guilty about chocolate ice cream after dinner. :)

But, there are still some side effects that plague me - the fingertips and feet that are splitting open due to dryness, the rash that is most prominent on my face (but also spans my chest, upper arms, and thighs), the constipation, the general coldness, and the fatigue. My poor family has to endure my repeated tiredness and the weary looks that I give them. I am sorry for that.

So, I have now had six full treatments of FOLFIRI, and a total of twelve treatments of Erbitux/cetuximab. We see the surgeon and his team for a consult on Friday morning - and I may know something else after that. Right now, we are in a holding pattern on summer plans - awaiting the date of surgery to make any semblance of a plan for fun and frolicking...

See you after Friday!

PS - RIP to fellow cancer traveler Derek K. Miller. Stage 4 colon cancer. Eloquent blogger. Fellow citizen of Planet Earth. http:\\

PPS - Thank you to those of you that patiently awaited a blog update and did NOT contact me by other means. I will be a better blogger. I promise.


monica said...

Glad to see another post. Its always good to see how you are fairing. Been thinking of you and the family.

Kathy said...

You need not ever apologize. I greatly appreciate the time and care you put onto your blogs. They are gifts not obligations. Thank you. And keep peacefully strong. Love, kathy

Mikey said...

It was nice to awake to your latest posting, Ed. Much love, Mikey

sstanton said...

Great to see that you are back in the blogosphere! I hope you continue to appreciate the task of posting and that it does not become a chore or obligation. It is certainly never a chore to read your posts. Stay strong, Sharon