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Monday, May 9, 2011

That allergic time of year...

It almost makes me want to break into song...

"It's that time of year, when the world starts to sneeze, every sniff you hear, seems to say... pollen weakness, may your sinuses congest!"

(apologies to the Carpenters for rewriting a verse from "The Christmas Waltz")

This is the time of year when I usually cannot tell if I am coming down with a cold or what. Mild headaches, post-nasal drip (isn't that such a lovely description!), sneezing, sniffles... could be allergies, could be something else? Well, this year my body is so messed up on anti-everythings (biotics, emetics, nausea, etc.) that I cannot tell what the heck is going on with anything. I am sure looking forward to the carefree, simple days when I can wonder if it is a cold or a mild allergic reaction to pollen. Woo-wee!

So, that was all I had on the allergy topic. Sorry if you had hoped for more brilliance there. Alas, I think I used it all up on the song. :)

But, as a special bonus treat for staying with this blog post, I will now reveal that I have a severe distaste for dry skin. Especially dry skin on my feet. And the effect of the drying out on my finger- and toe-nail beds. Oweee! And cracking feet! Give me a break (pun noted)! My right heel has enough cracks to feel like a dry lakebed (you know, where the mud cracks apart and it looks crazy?) And then, on top of the cracking, I have a compromised immune system that barely is keeping up with my day-to-day exposure to germs, and cannot handle all of the skin-cell rebuilding that it takes to heal the cracks. Let me tell you, this is something to WHINE about.

There. Took care of that little public service message from Ed's Cracked Skin, Inc. (the sponsor of today's blog on allergies).

Have a great day. Really. And forget about the allergies. That will surely make them go away, if the quantum physicists are right.


Fred said...

Well, your allergy lyrics are nothing to sneeze at anyway.

PN said...

Have you considered expanding your lyrics a bit and submitting them as part of a comedy skit to S&L?

PN said...

In addition, I must say that your blog spot photo with the tux is very classy and spiffy!

Dan said...

Ed, I was thinking about you today, wondering how you were, and suddenly I remembered you had a blog (well, actually, my wife remembered). So glad to have rediscovered this.