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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where we get energy...

So, the blogger feels like he has once again let himself down on his commitment to post more frequently (and seems to have adopted an annoying habit - referring to his very own self in the third person). As I am sure I have said before, the idea of thinking and writing about my cancer journey has become less appealing as time marches on. Unfortunately, that leaves my loyal readers and supporters in the proverbial dark. And there have certainly been some dark days this year!

Right now, I am in Boise (pronounced "boy-see"), enjoying the marvelous early fall weather and the amazing energy of the National States Geographic Information Council - NSGIC (pronounced "niz-jick"). This is truly one of the most satisfying professional engagements that I have ever had, and this group has had big impacts on the way that geospatial data are created and used all across the nation. Most if not all of the background imagery that we see on GoogleMaps, Bing, Yahoo, etc. is provided by federal/state/local government collaborations, and NSGIC has led that effort for many years. And that is only one small example of the work that NSGIC does year-round. I get a lot of energy from the excellent NSGICers that work diligently year after year to promote the efficient and effective use of geospatial technologies in government, and consider many of these people among my close friends.

It was also wonderful to have a chance to ride 20+ miles with several NSGICers on Sunday morning. Riding along the Boise River in the sunshine was a great reminder of what my near-future will look like. Over the past few years, my return to regular cycling has energized my life and has created a means to re-engage my self in mindful (and healthy) exercise. Planning and accomplishing long rides are a healthy distraction from the difficult reality of next Monday - my final treatment of 2011. So expect to hear about long-ride options that I am considering in future posts!



Andy said...

20 miles? Where do I get THAT energy? Wow... keep it up! That is just awesome -
As for the lack of news - I try to believe that no news is good news. If you are enjoying life instead of writing the blog... I'm ok with that.
Continue to enjoy!
Take care my friend.

PN said...

Glad to hear your enjoying the weather and cycling. Good News! PN

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the day that the reason for this blog no longer exists. Kay

Ed said...

Me too, Kay. Me too.

Alison said...

Big hug, Ed. Let this be done. Love.