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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Somehow we managed to pile nearly 1500 neutrophils into a milliliter of my blood this morning, so I passed into the biochemical soup phase of existence again. Can I repeat for the record that my name is Ed Arabas, my birthdate is "mm/dd/yyyy" (I am hiding this in case there are hacker/lurker-types that skim blogs for important identifying details - most of you know my birthday anyways!), and I am supposed to get FOLFIRI plus aprepitent today?

Very tired and gut-achy, but glad to have number four almost under my belt.



PN said...

Hello Ed, Wishing you a good day and a great week. I'm sure that there are more neutrophils on the way! As the sun moves from east to west, perhaps their travel westward to you was delayed by the recent storm systems in the east, and they are just now arriving at your door today! peace & joy. PN

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a peaceful slumber this evening. And a quick recovery from the day's poison. And relief from worry about our beloved, newly-diagnosed friend. Namaste. Kay