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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Energy expended, now what?

Number six is now coursing through my veins, with a little boost of 5-FU every few seconds for the next two days. Fatigue, but not sleepiness,idead and gut aches, warm flashes and dry mouth. No appetite to speak of, and way too much time to think. No googling info on side effects anymore - they are all too familiar.

Called some medical providers today - one to straighten out a toenail fungus cream (leftover from the ingrown toenail treatments in May, I think) and the other to straighten out billing for lab work done in January. Insurance companies are a bane and a boon. Given my extensive treatments over the years, I am happy to have their support. But sometimes things go awry. Alas.

Going to turn out the light now (it's almost 1am) to try sleeping. Wish me luck!


Mikey said...

You did it, Ed! Six treatments under your belt.

Anne B. said...

The end of a very rough road--at last.

Anonymous said...

What does one do at the end of a race? Breathe deeply, drink until you're no longer parched, revel in the support of your fans, relax, and recover. AND, I bet a brew or two is in order! I'm buying when you're ready to celebrate! Kay