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Friday, October 28, 2011


Adjective. "Not worthy of note or attention; found in the ordinary course of events; not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree."

This may be my new favorite word. Way back in 2007, I was very happy to hear "no evidence of disease (NED, for short)"... but now my watchword is unremarkable. This is what the professional readers-of-CT-scans (aka radiologists) write down when they do not see anything worth talking about relative to the many organs that a CT scan makes "visible." So, the bottom line is that nothing was noticed (by folks who are trained to notice things) in the CT imagery that we gathered on Tuesday. My oncologist was happy - and that is another reason for me to be happy. Stuff in the square brackets below is color commentary from [Yours Truly].

To wit:
Following the administration of both oral and IV contrast, volumetric CT imaging was performed from the lower neck to the upper thighs, with reconstruction of planar images [requires an hour of drinking barium contrast, a pressurized IV contrast delivery through my port, and a certain level of no-clothing-ness - just thought you would like to know...].

FINDINGS: The lungs remain clear, and no developing nodular mass is seen in either lung. ... No areas of airspace consolidation are seen in either lung. No pleural effusion [buildup of fluid between the layers of tissue that line the lungs and chest cavity] is present bilaterally. No developing adenopathy [swelling or abnormal enlargement of the lymph nodes] is seen throughout the chest. Heart size is normal. [WHEW!] A central venous port is implanted in the upper left chest wall, with its catheter entering the subclavian vein. [Yup... I have a PowerPort there for easy blood draws, chemotherapy transfusions, and CT scan contrast infusions.]

When compared with prior exams [4/7/2011 and 5/22/2011], laparotomy [a surgical procedure involving a large incision through the abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity] has been performed with resection of two metastatic lesions of the liver. A portion of the left lobe has been resected, and additionally [a little redundancy there, eh?], a portion of the right lobe has been resected. Several small cysts are seen within the remaining liver [perfectly normal, I am told], stable in appearance when compared with prior exams. No new lesion is seen within the remaining liver parenchyma [tissue that is characteristic of an organ]. Pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands, and kidneys all appear UNREMARKABLE. Collecting systems are not dilated.

There are postsurgical changes also identified related to distal colon resection [the surgical procedure I had in 2007]. A suture anastomosis line is seen at the rectosigmoid junction. GI tract appears UNREMARKABLE without areas of wall thickening or dilatation [same as dilation]. No developing adenopathy is seen throughout the abdomen and pelvis. No ascites [excess fluid in the space between the tissues lining the abdomen and abdominal organs] is present. Bladder appears UNREMARKABLE.

(1) When compared with prior imaging studies, there are new postsurgical changes related to resection of two metastatic lesions previously seen within the left and right lobes of the liver. No new lesions are identified within the remaining liver parenchyma. Several hepatic [related to the liver] cysts appear stable.
(2) Postsurgical changes related to distal colonic resection.
(3) At this time, there are no findings of metastatic disease within the chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

Sooooo..... can we have a collective woot-woot and a huge sigh of relief? Thank you, thank you very much. My weight is recovering (now at a nice 172 lbs...) and my energy is returning as well. I worked full-time for the past two weeks, and did not even once feel too fatigued during the day to remain at my desk. November is going to FLY by, with trips planned to New Hampshire, Seattle, Manzanita (OR), and Portland, and a huge gathering for Thanksgiving.

Thank you all for your attention - you will now be returned to your regularly scheduled program.



Mac Mom said...

although I have missed the faithful words with friends buddy I have had...this beats all!

Sue Smith said...

Woot! Woot!

Mary said...

Awesome good news, I am so happy for you!!!

Paul said...

Remarkable news! Excellent.

Ed said...

Wow, what a great relief to hear such completely unremarkable news.

Congratulations, Ed!

Anne B. said...

Now you can REALLY celebrate on November 6th.
Many happy unremarkable returns!

Mikey said...

I find this remarkable!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ed! Great news!

Beckyz BLOG said...

Much to be thankful for....happy for all your family and friends. Truly remarkable outcome.

Monica Collins said...

Yay! And a woot woot from the Collins household. Enjoy your November!

PN said...

Great News! Happy Halloween! Have some extra Candy! PN

Andy said...

Woot woot just doesn't seem to do justice for the jump-up-and-down, happy-dance that I'm doing in your honor right now. I'm truly happy for you. Congratulations my friend.

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PN said...

Ed, How's it going? Wishing you a Blessed Season of Thanksgiving! PN