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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Speaking of exercise...

... I had no idea, but it turns out that it's a good thing to be/have been a moderate drinker of alcohol prior to chemo-therapy treatment. I have no independent, scientific studies to cite, but I have heard from two different medical professionals that it is better to have an "exercised" liver when it comes to filtering out the toxin soup commonly called therapy when it comes to cancer. Most if not all of my friends know that I have long appreciated the crafted local brews of the Pacific Northwest, and some even know that I drank my way through many a beer hall and pub in Europe as a solo traveler during a wet spring back in the mid 1980s. More recently, I have become a bit more knowledgeable about red wines, especially those grown in the tradition of Burgundy right here in the Willamette Valley, thanks in no small part to the efforts and interests of my fathers-in-law. So, in a spirit of heartfelt pleasure on many levels, I want to thank everyone that ever bought me a drink, enjoyed a drink that I bought, drank with me, or taught me about a drink. My liver and kidneys are getting the workout of their lives, and apparently are more up to that task due in no small part to your efforts. :)

And for those who will object that there is some evidence that beer-drinking and barbecued cow flesh are both correlated with an increased risk for colon cancer, I only have to say - I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of my current situation (thank you VERY much). :-) Of course we should all be aware of what we are putting into our bodies, and to that end our family is now making every effort to buy organic, locally grown food and cook it ourselves. There are huge personal, social, environmental, and economic benefits to doing this, and we are trying to walk the talk on this issue.

But, I sure am looking forward to a day, not too far in the future (say, six months or so), when I can once again hoist a pint of PoleAx at the local brewpub and toast the health of my liver, kidneys, colon, and all those other important organs that live down below my mouth. And I hope that you will join me on that day... wherever you happen to be located on our lovely blue planet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,
Am still reading this regularly and glad that you take the time to put your thoughts into words that all and sundry can read. I count myself among those who, in blissful ignorance, contributed to the strengthening of your liver on occasion in months past, though I wish that I (not to mention you!) wasn't on the post-diagnosis side of hind-sight.

I'm glad to hear about the switch to locally grown organic food diet. What sort of an adjustment was this for you and your family? As someone who once had to radically change my diet due to Crohns Disease, I know that dietary changes are often no simple matter.

Hope to see you soon. Hang in there, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,
Your mom gave my your blog address. She was keeping me updated on you, but thought I'd like to read your account. I've enjoyed reading it. It's really the "inside story".

Just wanted you to know I think of you and family during this time.

Allie Henninger

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed -- Can I get an MA on-line from Arabas U? Or maybe I could get an EdD -- get it?! Like Inside Ed -- get it?!

I really do appreciate learning about all this "stuff" -- it's surprising how little we know -- and while I'm sorry you are "teaching through experience" -- you are helping us all along the way.

Hmmmm...maybe I'll go to Life Source tomorrow and buy some free-range organic chicken for dinner.

- Cesie

john said...

I'm headed to frig now for a Fat Tire. Oh, how my heart pines for a Mirror Pond!!!


Kristin said...

I'm officially homesick at the thought of dinner and pint with the Arabas family at Thompson's. Hopefully that's not too far off in the future.