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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Blogging (again)...

I had to add a few more people to the mass-emailing lists, and thought I would send out another link to the weblog that I have created for this part of my life-journey. You just point your web browser to this URL ( and you will go to the blog page. It has several features, including the ability for folks to look back through the archives (to see what I have posted earlier) and to leave comments/messages for me (and all of my friends/family and the whole Internet-world to read and cherish).

There are other advantages as well. I can post stuff as often as I like without feeling the slightest guilt about filling up folks' email boxes. Folks can either email me directly OR they can post to the comments section of the blog... and you can see whatever everyone else has written there. Folks beyond my "known circle" can see and learn about the inner workings of colon cancer through my particular "lens," so to speak. I can practice using a different spell-checker. :) And I can moderate the postings to remove stuff if I have to.

So, in order to see the blog, go to the URL mentioned above. In order to see the comments at the blog itself, click on the "# comments" below each day's title. For example, today's title is "Blogging (again)" and there will be a link below it with a number and then the word "comments" that will appear below it. Just click on that and the comments will appear (unless it says "0 comments," which means you get to be first that day!) You can post with your blog name if you want to sign in, or post anonymously. You will have to type in a security word (it's in squiggly type so a human being must actually read it and type it in - this is to prevent spammers from auto-detecting and posting to blogs). If you don't have a blogging account, just click on the anonymous option before posting. And welcome to the world of web-logging!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ed: As I don my saffron robe, scratch my newly shaved pate and prepare to leave the otera on my pilgrimage by foot to Biwataki--all part of my new life as a novitiate--I will burn some cedar incense before the Enlightened One on your behalf...

But seriously, Ed, I appreciate your candor regarding your ordeal--and especially this reflection (Anticipation) on the journey so far. You are strong, resilient, and most of all a good friend. I hope tomorrow goes well.


Sashimi Sunrise Boy