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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time to reinvigorate the blog...

2.5 years ago, I entered CancerWorld by way of a hyper-active glandular cell in my lower colon that forgot to stop growing. It has been excised, my immune system has been whacked and regenerated, and I have ridden thousands of miles on a bicycle. Time has passed, and I have completed two LiveStrong Challenge rides (40- and 100-miles in 2008 and 2009, respectively). I am very excited to Ride for the Roses with Lance Armstrong in just over two weeks - another 100 miles in the hills outside Austin, TX.

I stopped blogging for a while... but you already know that. I had tired of reflecting on the effect of a cancer diagnosis on my physical, mental, and spiritual health, and of the effort it took for me to write about those reflections. But I have found that being tired does not make problems go away. Be comforted that I am still "no evidence of disease" (NED), and that my exercise regimen seems to be a very good idea regarding recurrence. But cancer is patient and insidious, and I do not go a single day without thinking of possible futures involving more surgery, more chemicals, and the possibility of radiation. I am ready to take up the virtual pen again.

Two close friends recently detected recurrence of their cancers - one melanoma and one lymphoma... both are very nasty and agressive. And I am ready to maintain a blog of my thoughts on our journeys forward. I trust this meets with your approval. :)

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