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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sad news - Leroy Sievers has died at age 53

A great light for me - now extinguished - and I am sad. In so many ways Leroy's blog was a vicarious living for me. And his valiant fight has ended. I discovered him just after my own diagnosis with colon cancer, as he had just described his own cancer journey on a television program Living with Cancer. His death is a reminder to me that nothing can be taken for granted, that our efforts daily must be wholesome, and that fighting does not always mean winning.

I am sad. This is hard to write about, because he was NED/NEMD for four years and then his world went to hell. And I must admit to my own fears and uncertainty.

You can find a nice description of his life at the NPR site ( and a wonderful commentary about his impact on the blogging world at his blog (

When the second shoe drops, it can be very loud.

Peace and love everyone - and live strong.

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Megan said...

I'm pretty torn up about Leroy as well. Reading his blog was both incredibly painful and inspiring. What a weird combination?

And scary. If he was NED for 4 years, than why not me, right?

He is missed.