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Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's next?

Well, that's quite the question I am struggling with these days. I am feeling pretty good, and my strength is slowly returning. I am working on two short-term goals with my exercise trainer - a skiing weekend in March, and a 40-mile bicycle ride (this year's LiveStrong Challenge) in June. I wonder if this is my new reality, or if this is just a lull in the cancer storm?

The tingling remains - fingertips and the soles of my feet. Cold temperatures make the tingling quite painful (and thus I am glad to live in the mild Willamette Valley during the winter), and holding cold objects is something I approach carefully. And the toxic flatulence continues (not that you asked!) But I feel like I am sleeping better, and that is quite a big deal.

Oh. Tomorrow I get my PowerPort removed. I must admit to a little apprehension about this procedure, as I am told that it is done in the surgeon's office with a local anaesthetic... As you will recall, the port is just under my skin on my upper-right chest, and there is a catheter tube that goes from the subcutaneous port chamber into a vein under my clavicle and into the superior vena cava just above my heart. During the removal process, I imagine a cut will be made through my skin, and the chamber will then be removed along with the catheter tube. As I will be awake during the whole procedure, I also imagine that there will be some tugging and then the tube will pop out of the clavicular vein and be out... but I do not have a clear understanding of what happens with the little hole that must then appear in that vein (where the tube used to pass in). I guess my logical curiosity is just going to have to await the outcome...

More tomorrow...

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