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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LiveStrong Challenge newsflash...

I am one lucky guy.

My wife and daughter have decided to *do* something in support of cancer patients and treatments. I mean *do* in the sense of something BEYOND what they are doing for me personally - you know, the putting up with Mr. Cranky-Pants, and Mr. Tired-Beyond-Belief-Man, and Mr. Steroid-Rage-Man; the cooking for Mr. I'm-Not-Hungry-Today and Mr. My-Tummy-Hurts; and the pushing me to see the joy and humor in our wacky world. Besides that, they are raising money in the Lance Armstrong Foundation's LiveStrong Challenge. And they have reached their PERSONAL fundraising goals! This is beyond cool...

Their team (Team Wildwind) will be riding 10 miles on Sept. 30 in Portland, OR. And they are training like wild women for the ride (not that they really need the training, but it's very fun to hear about it and encourage them). And I will be there, cheering the team to the finish line. If you want to see what this is all about, go to:

And click on the "Get Involved" tab, then pick the Portland Challenge from the pulldown menu. It's not too late to contribute to a VERY worthy cause, but you can also just show up to cheer us on too!

Have a great week!

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Your Pal, Al said...

We can't make it all better for our loved ones with cancer but we can get on a bike, or ask our friends to contribute to cancer prevention, research and public health advocacy. Go Team Wildwind! For you, Ed